hos|til|i|ty [hɔˈstılıti US ha:-] n
1.) [U]
when someone is unfriendly and full of anger towards another person
hostility towards/between
hostility towards foreigners
hostility toward AmE
hostility toward Jews
open/outright hostility
(=hostility that is clearly shown)
They eyed each other with open hostility.
2.) [U]
strong or angry opposition to something
The reform program was greeted with hostility by conservatives.
hostility to/towards
There is a lot of public hostility to the tax.
Pictures of refugees aroused popular hostility (=felt by a lot of people) towards the war.
hostility toward AmE
Republican hostility toward slavery
3.) hostilities [plural] formal
fighting in a war
a cessation of hostilities

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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